Revolutionary Technologies United was founded in 1991 as a development and technology research firm, focusing on detailed examination of thermodynamic processes in internal combustion engines aimed at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of an engine.

RTU Overview Having the license to develop and manufacture engines based on United States Patent #6,282.898, Revolutionary Technologies United has and is establishing strategic facilities globally to bring the technology to market. The first of our offices established in Slovakia will be the focal point for Europe in developing applications for the automotive, industrial and commercial sectors.

After long-term testing of our special materials and functionality of the patented technology, Revolutionary Technologies United is now ready to apply all the developed technology and operating principles of its own patents in the commercial sector regarding manufacture of engines for public transport, industry and motorsport.

We at RTU believe that by the proper application of our technology in the commercial and industrial sector, we can significantly slow down the consequences of the global crisis occurring and contribute to extending the use of clean burning, efficient internal combustion engines.

The RTU technology represents:

  • significant reduction of the current high levels of hazardous air pollutants
  • increase the efficacy of currently produced internal combustion engines, hybrids and alternative power trains
  • reduce unnecessarily high fuel consumption as currently seen in today’s power trains

RTU Team