eFone Pseudo Adiabatic Engine

Every success has a story.
Each development is marked by crashes and failures.
Every progress is subject to dispute, distrust and heated discussions.

eFone was born out of love and was precisely planned. We knew quite exactly what we were doing, the „eFone” wasn’t the first child in the family.
However, its siblings were born maybe too early. They had developed muscles, mature behavior, were obedient and reliable, but the world was not yet prepared for their arrival and parents also were not experienced enough to handle this difficult task.

RTU is not just a company, RTU is a family standing on solid ground. Family founded by experienced parents with global background, strong international support, and several home-lands. RTU is ready to bring to the world many handy and clever children, which will gradually help to change the world to a better place for us to live in.

The name of the pioneer „eFone” was established during the early planning stages. It is inspired by the world's most famous racing series and began to create it during the study of most recent "F - one" rules for 2014. The letter "e" can tempt you in English to pronounce it as "eíí" but how do you read the word "elephant" or "energy"? We like to be original!

So, the first serious representative of the five-cylinder series has been introduced. Unlike many companies working on similar projects all around the world, our engine is fully functional and tested in the toughest conditions during extended full load tests on

Power/Torque Graph - RTU, AUDI TT RS, VW JETTA

an engine dyno brake. Without the slightest failure, it displayed incredible record performance and confirmed the full functionality of our patented technology.

The „eFone” is not a prototype anymore. As already mentioned here, our company has built and tested a few earlier generations of pseudo-adiabiatic power units. Today, we have built a proven serial motor whose parameters, including consumption and operating temperatures, we have calculated in advance and met to within 3 percent.

Welcome to the modern five-cylinder two-and-half-liter turbocharged series „eFone” and let us introduce the measured parameters:


5-cylinder inline
2,5 liter Turbo
125 kW (168 HP) 250 kW (336 HP) 598 kW (814 HP)
230 Nm 450 Nm 1.000 Nm
8,9 L/100 km 9 L/100 km 5,3 L/100 km
Water Cooling System Water Cooling System Radiatorless Water System
Exhaust Gas Temp. over 1000 °C Exhaust Gas Temp. over 1000 °C Exhaust Gas Temp. 351 °C
EU4/ULEV Emissions standard EU5 Emissions standard No catalityc converter needed
Eng.Jan Lesinsky, PhD., Assoc.Prof.

"Dear friends, this engine rewrites the definition of combustion engine! Theoretically, science is familiar with adiabatic applications for over half century, but to see this realistically in operation, is considered a small miracle!"

Eng.Jan Lesinsky, PhD., Assoc.Prof.