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European developers from company have brought a voice-controlled calendar to all iPhone generations, thanks to the Nuance engine. Therefore, Assistant – Voice Controlled Time Management is an younger brother of Siri easily handling and organizing your tasks and holidays with its intuitive control.

Assistant- Voice Controlled Time Management

Daily used application Calendar, which every iPhone is equipped with, is now enhanced with the innovation and can be downloaded via AppStore. It is called Assistant – Voice Controlled Time Management and its mission is clear – control your factory built in calendar by your voice. Not like other – voice operated competitive apps, it is not trying to mock Siri (only available for iPhone 4S). Obvious difference is for example the lack of discussion – calendar does not yap as Siri does very often. The application also provides neat and intuitive control guaranteeing satisfaction and reliability, thanks to voice-detecting engine Nuance (same engine as Siri

Assistant - icon

Assistant iOS app

uses). Unique brain of the application has the ability to learn by user and great advantage is also its availability for all iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S).

Intuitive Control

Handling the application is easy and simple, contains examples of usage and navigates you within clear steps from the dictation to the saving of the event. Easily marks calendar events such as “Buy flowers for Lisa on Monday“, “Remind me our wedding anniversary on April, 15“ or “Call mom in 30 minutes”. You can check for details and manually change them afterwards. Important element that does not even Siri offer is a combination of calendar events with timely reminders. The instruction as such: "Tomorrow meeting with John at 11 o'clock. Remind me 45 minutes before", Assistant will alert the phone owner about coming event by reminder.

Assistant – Voice Controlled Time Management manages basic events, all-day events, events with alert, timer, holidays and other important dates. Simple commands like “Alert me“ or “Remember me” are handled by the calendar with flying colors. Useful functions are wrapped in professional and supertemporal design made by Danish pioneer Michael Flarup. Application was in addition consulted with one of the today´s most wanted art-director in Silicon Valley, musHo. The whole application is developed and forged by European team Appmosphere. Appmosphere is individual IT department focused on transforming unique and innovative ideas into practical mobile applications for everyday life and entertainment.